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“Dream in Blue” Details Los Lobos Journey


Chris Morris is one of the foremost music critics in Los Angeles. His “Dream in Blue” (American Music) is available now through Amazon. We talked to him about the project, which chronicles the history of one of L.A.’s most innovative bands….

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Christine Elise Talks About Sex, Books and Celebrity


Christine Elise is an actress/blogger/filmmaker now turned author, debuting with “Bathing and the Single Girl,” her bawdy, hilarious take on life in the fast lane. We caught up with her to find out more…

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2015 Beach Book Fest Honors ‘The Invitation’


SAN FRANCISCO_A tale of two women who ultimately learn from each other what’s important in life is the grand prize winner of the 2015 Beach Book Festival,  which honors summer’s hottest reads.

Dawn Kohler’s novel “The Invitation: A Weekend with Emma” (Balboa Press) is the story of Kate Edwards, who recently lost her job as a reporter. She receives an invitation to spend the weekend with Emma Dines, a retired professor and former US ambassador to Germany.
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Surviving the Mobile Storm


Your DIY business could take a drastic nosedive. That’s because Google is implementing new search criteria that will rank websites by whether or not their content is easily viewed on mobile devices. The changes will affect mobile search only – desktop search is unaffected.

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John Brubaker: Five Things I Learned While Doing Kickstarter

John Brubaker is an award-winning author and is looking to create a film based on his book, “Seeds of Success.”  Here are five lessons learned from his Kickstarter campaign, which is still active for the next week.
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DIY Always Starts as a Local Business


A Scottish city planner and social activist named Patrick Geddes is credited with coining the phrase, “Think globally, act locally” at the turn of the 20th century.
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2015 DIY Convention Explores Age Challenges


This is the 14th year for the DIY Convention: Do It Yourself in Film, Music & Books. In conference years, that’s middle-aged. So it’s appropriate that we take a look at the struggles of artists who are in the middle of their career on the DIY battle lines.
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