DIY Always Starts as a Local Business


A Scottish city planner and social activist named Patrick Geddes is credited with coining the phrase, “Think globally, act locally” at the turn of the 20th century.

Today, that message still resonates in the DIY world. Because so many people think they have to compete from day one with multinational entertainment giants, they miss opportunities to form a solid marketing base for their products.

Marketing, as I so often remind our various festival competitors, works in circles. You start with your neighborhood, then expand to other neighborhoods, then attack your city, region, state, country, adjacent countries, far countries, then the world. Obviously, you won’t reach all of those goals, and maybe someone helps along the way as you try to climb that ladder.

But you don’t open a hamburger stand and start competing with McDonald’s on your first day in business. That comes later, and it’s amazing how many of us miss that concept by trying to do everything and be everywhere at once. Make a plan, then build on that platform.