2015 DIY Convention Explores Age Challenges


This is the 14th year for the DIY Convention: Do It Yourself in Film, Music & Books. In conference years, that’s middle-aged. So it’s appropriate that we take a look at the struggles of artists who are in the middle of their career on the DIY battle lines.
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HOLLYWOOD, CA _ Lisa Loeb, the only artist to top the Billboard Hot 100 before being signed to a record label, will be the headliner at the 2013 DIY Music Festival.

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THE SPINTO BAND – The Shy Pursuit (Park the Van)

Quick, name a rock ‘n’ roll band from Delaware. Give up? How about the Spinto Band? These power-pop nerds have quietly persevered for an incredible 16 years; The Shy Pursuit is just the group’s third full-length release since the debut Nice And Nicely Done first brought the band some national attention in 2006.
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The most notable thing about indie guru Steve Albini’s involvement with the Screaming Females’ fifth album is how little about the band he bothered to change. But then, Albini’s a smart guy, and the first rule of punk rock – the first rule of anything, really – is don’t fix what ain’t broke. If anything, Albini probably just kept the coffee pot filled; after four albums of frantic, frenetic, high-energy rock squall, you had to wonder if the Screamales could crank it up another notch.
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VARIOUS ARTISTS – The Thing That Ate Larry Livermore (Adeline Records)

Larry Livermore guided Lookout Records through the period when the label helped introduce pop-punk to, first, the American underground and then, through the success of early signings like Operation Ivy and (most especially) Green Day, to the world.
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THE ALL-ABOUT – Winterpop

Music makes me happy, music makes me sad, and maybe best of all, every great once in a while, music makes me excited. The All-About – principally singer, songwriter, musician Zac Coe and some talented friends – falls into that latter category.
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