2012 Southern California Book Festival names Winners

HOLLYWOOD, CA (October 17, 2012) _ The story of a man’s amazing journey trying  to circle the world using just the power of the human body has been selected as  the grand prize winner of the 2012 Southern California Book Festival, which  honors the best books of the fall.

“The Expedition: The True Story of the First Human-Powered  Circumnavigation of the Earth” is the first of an anticipated trilogy by  Jason Lewis, the intrepid globe trotter. Lewis used his expedition to reach out  to thousands of school children, calling attention to their shared  responsibility for the earth.

But the book is also a tale of human triumph and foibles, and is  laugh-out-loud funny at times, gripping adventure in others. The page-turning  work is thoroughly entertaining.

Lewis and the competition’s other winners will be honored at a private  ceremony on Monday, October 29 at the W Hotel in Hollywood.

Other winners in the competition:


WINNER: These Days Are Ours – Michelle Haimoff

RUNNER-UP: Kumpel – Bob Guess


  • Pilgrimage – Christine Sunderland
  • The Death of Eve – Shaun Penney
  • William & Lucy – Michael Brown
  • Provocateur – Charles Martin
  • Winds of Redemption – Harvey Goodman
  • Anvil of Midnight – William Weyr
  • Lingering Tide and Other Stories – Latha Viswanathan
  • Flashblind – Paul Bernstein
  • China Rising – Alexander Scipio
  • Malinalli of the Fifth Susan – Helen Gordon
  • Murder in C-Minor – William J. Russell
  • Lady Justice and the Vigilante – Robert Thornhill
  • The Pass – Frank Wilem
  • Ride for Justice – John Harte
  • Haven: The Fate of the Four Races – Andrew Brown
  • The Linden Tree Legacy – Beverly F. Knudseon
  • A Time to Cast Away Stones – Elise Frances Miller
  • Atomic Summer – Elaine D. Walsh
  • Town Red – Jennifer Moss
  • Too Far – Rich Shapero
  • Songs for the New Depression – Kergan Edwards-Stout
  • Murder Under the Microscope – Jane Bennett Munro
  • Anomalous – Samuel Williams
  • Trinity: Moments Before the Dawn – Terrie Elleard
  • A Long Winter – Deckle McLean


WINNER: The Expedition – Jason Lewis

RUNNER-UP: The Tribes of Burning Man – Steven T. Jones


  • Houston Pretty Enough – Kim Halsey
  • John Brown’s Spy – Steven Lubet
  • The Amazing Adventures of a Nobody – Leon Logothetis
  • The Business of Pain – Araceli Martinez
  • Crochet Saved My Life – Kathryn Vercillo
  • Rules Get Broken – John Herbert
  • Inspired to Action – Rebecca Pratt
  • Life as a Mother-in-Law: – Olivia Slaughter/Jean Kubelun
  • The High Calling – Alessio C. Salsano
  • The One You Get – Jason Tougaw
  • 2012-2021: The Dawn of the Sixth Sun – Sergio  Magana


WINNER: At Left Brain Turn Right – Anthony Meindl

RUNNER-UP: When Mars Women Date – Paulette K. Sherman


  • From PMS to PMA – Nola Anne Hennessey
  • The 4-1-1 on Step Parenting – Michele Sfakianos


WINNER: Have You Filled a Bucket Today? – Carol McCloud

RUNNER-UP: Eh, Spaghetti, You Say? – Karen Welsh


  • Fiona Thorn and the Carapacem Spell – Jen Barton
  • Golda: A True Story for All Ages – Jeff Shelton
  • Sophia at the Royal Wedding – D.G. Flamand
  • The Fabulous Flying Machines of Alberto Santos-Dumont – Victoria Griffith
  • Curio A Shetland Sheepdog Meets the Crow – Jenette A. Griver/Phyllis Milway
  • No-No Nona and No-No Nita – Laura Ogle-Graham
  • Terror on Turtle Creek – Jean Freeman
  • Black Tortoise and the Dynasty Dragon – Eileen Wacker
  • Look at Me…A Veterinarian I Want to Be! – Karean L. Chapman
  • Waffles at Grandma’s – Holly J. Williams
  • Lousy Luck Lucy – Maria Clark


WINNER: Elizabeth Taylor: There is Nothing Like A Dame – Darwin Porter/Danforth  Prince

RUNNER-UP: Casey Tibbs: Born to Ride – Rusty Richards


  • The Place Beyond the Dust Bowl – Ron Hughart
  • Out of the Fields – Ramon Resa
  • Geronimo – Robert M. Utley
  • Southern Vapors – Lynn Garson
  • Oh Brother! – Cliff Fazzolari
  • The Amazing Adventures of a Nobody – Leon Logothetis
  • Nothing But Respect – Julie-Anne
  • Down to the Sea – Arthur Webster
  • A Breath Away – Jeanne Selander Miller
  • Wheels on the Bus – Ken Bilderback


WINNER: Nightingale – David Wolverton

RUNNER-UP: Growing Up With a Bucketful of Happiness – Carol McCloud


  • The Fifth Kraut – Jeff Kohmstedt
  • The Business of Pain – Araceli Martinez
  • Light & Dark: The Awakening of the Mageknight – Daniel M. Fife
  • Prey of the Spirit Bear – William Hill


WINNER: Creek with No Name – Kenneth Bilderback


WINNER: A Change of Habit – Patty Ptak Kogutek

RUNNER-UP: Hope’s Ante – Thom Vines


  • No Boxing Allowed – Nola Anne Hennessey
  • Monday Manna – Ami Rushes
  • Love & Impasse – Denise Richard
  • Negroes, Flies and Wet Toilet Paper – Debra Roberts Torres-Reyes
  • Encouragement for Life Storms – La Tasha Nichole Cornish
  • Carpet of the Sun – Mark Holman


WINNER: Puttin’ Cologne on the Rickshaw – William Bouffard

RUNNER-UP: Big Wave Surfing – Kenneth Thurber

HONORABLE MENTION: Do Not Invent Buggy Whips – Kenneth Thurber


WINNER: EcoChi: Designing the Human Experience – Debra Duneier

RUNNER-UP: Memoirs of a Violent Sleeper – Matt Micheli


  • Miracles in the Mountains – JC Rasoul
  • Follow the River: Lost in the Mountains of Mexico – Dahlia Arend
  • Will You Fill My Bucket? – Carol McCloud/Karen Wells
  • Strike at the Heart – The First Mission – LW Berrie


WINNER: Chicken Rise: Nights in Poetry – Chris Wright

RUNNER-UP: Ditty-Ditty Doggerel: A Life from Bad to Verse – Gary  Turchin

HONORABLE MENTION: Life in the Pond – Joyce Burns


WINNER: Back to the Basic: Rediscovering – Milan M. Hollister


WINNER: Puppies for Sale: $25 – Rosalie Pope


WINNER: On the Edge of Twilight: 22 Tales to Follow You.. – Kristofer J.  Stamp

RUNNER-UP: No Character Limit: Truth & Fiction from WriteGirl – edited  by Keren Taylor


WINNER: The Art Dockuments – Carlton Davis

RUNNER-UP: Robert Wilson’s Carousel Clover Ponies – Diane Myerson

HONORABLE MENTION: Chris Dingwell – Inside Out – Chris Dingwell